Apple Air Pod Pro 3rd Generation 345Mah


  • Detail:  The Design Of The AirPods 3 Should Feel Familiar To Anyone That Has Heard Of AirPods Before — And That Should Be A Lot Of People, Considering The Fact That Sales Of AirPods Alone For Apple Eclipses Entire Revenue Streams From Many Other Large Corporations.\R\N
  • The AirPods 3 Are A Mashup Of The Case And Stem Design Of The AirPods Pro, But With The More Airy, Half In-Ear Ear Tip Design From The AirPods 2. Think Of Them As The AirPods Pro Without The Silicone Ear Tips, Which Is The Best Way To Describe Their Design. This Means That The New Earbuds Don’t Create A Tight Seal In Your Ears. Instead, They Will Lightly Rest On And Inside Your Ears.
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